Originally posted on June 15th, 2013.

This good question was posted on my YouTube Channel.

I’m going to start entering sweepstakes more than I used to and I want to narrow it down to cash and gift cards. Do you know of certain websites that mostly go for just cash and gift cards? Not saying that I won’t try for other stuff, but I want to set my goals just for those two things.

Most sweepstakes aggregates have various ways to filter their sweepstakes.  You can search for sweepstakes via prize, entry frequency, ending soon, eligibility, etc.

I recommend that if you are short on time, stick to one entry only sweepstakes.  They are quick to enter and everyone has even odds of winning.

Focusing on what you want to win is also one of the keys to winning. Don’t enter anything and everything. Enter for only what you will want to win as you will better focus your energy and your time productively.

What is your sweepstakes selection strategy?