Originally posted on May 8th, 2013. Good advice doesn’t age.

David commented on my Facebook post yesterday:

FB post

Many tips I share are because of personal experience.  I made the mistake(s), I learned how to do it better and I share my lessons with you.  Creating a separate email address just for entering is one of them.

When I began entering on a daily basis in 2001 I used my personal email address.  I used it for everything; work, connecting to family and friends and contesting.  It slowly got out of control.  To the point, I was getting hundreds of emails a day.  It was time to separate my personal life from my hobby.  I created a Yahoo email (Gmail was by invitation only at that point!) and began to slowly switching over all my entries.

It had to be planned out very carefully as I didn’t want to disqualify myself from anything I had already entered or contests that were still running.  If I was already entering a daily contest with the old address, I continued to do so.  If I was entering a new giveaway, I used the new address.  It sounds like a simple enough system, and it was, but it was time-consuming.  (The key to keeping myself from being disqualified and keep track of the entire transition, was to save each entry as a Passcard on RoboForm.)

It took a full year before I was 100% on the new email because many sweepstakes that have long entry periods, plus I wanted a buffer for delayed drawings.  This is why I recommend those new to the hobby start out with a separate address to save them all the work it took me to change over.

So, David, you can do it (without disqualifying yourself), and I recommend you do.  It’s just going to take time.

Do you have a separate email for winning?