Do you love hearing others’ winning stories and how they came to be where they are as much as I do? I was lucky enough to interview Alex Piskopos, aka Pisky, a betting specialist at The Banfield Group who also worked at the Ontario Lottery Gaming corporation for 13 years.

Join us as we talk about all things betting, gambling, the lottery, and winning. what do you want to ask Pisky?

Podcast: The story of those guys who bet on stuff!

After a decade of betting in the shadows, the Banfield Group pulls back the curtain in a new tell-all narrative. Follow the journey of co-founders/co-hosts Pisky & Fulldog as they grind their way to financial freedom via the world of sports betting, cryptocurrency & more…

NOTE: We lost Alex mid-way through the interview, so I created a new live stream. I then combined both videos into one and re-uploaded it. Therefore all of the original comments are missing. However, that should not detract from all the fantastic information that was shared.

Do you bet on sporting events?