I updated this blog post on April 22nd, 2019, but it was originally posted on March 20th, 2008. The videos I embed keep changing as technology moves forward.

As we move forward in life learning new things and having new experiences our views change, especially after republishing Helene Hadsell’s books. She specifically has a chapter called The Difference Between Desire and Knowing in The Name It & Claim It Game. Why? Because it is important to understand that desire is excited anticipation and knowing is calm assurance. In my original post, the ‘problem’ I see now is I was trying to manifest from a place of lack. I Selected. I Projected. However, I didn’t Expect it. Therefore I didn’t Collect it. That said, I believe that my initial excitement and visualization did create enough energy to manifest two smaller prizes. Just not a ‘biggie’.

I am frequently asked, “What can I do to win more?” Besides entering, entering and more entering, I believe half of this hobby is in your head, and heart. What I mean by that is; you need to think you are lucky and a winner before you are lucky and a winner. You also need to feel lucky and like a winner before you are.

To give you a real-life example, I manifested two wins on St. Patrick’s Day (2008). How did I do it? I had entered a postcard with five trivia answers to a local TV station as they were giving away a holiday in Ireland. I happen to be near the TV that morning so I tuned in to see who had won. They had yet to do the draw. I started to get excited (feeling lucky in the pit of my stomach) as I could be the grand prize winner. When it came time to do the draw, they pulled out a big box covered in green paper and shamrocks. There were only about 500 postcards in there. My odds were good. The butterflies in my stomach began to dance faster. The host drew out a card, and so as not to give the winner away, while the sponsor described the prize, he folded it and put it under the desk. My excitement continued to grow to the point I could barely stand it. When the host pulled the card back up he tipped it up, ever so slightly, it looked like the one I had mailed in. I felt as if my name had just been called. In my mind, we’re already on the plane. It seemed like an eternity while the host checked the answers, and called out someone else’s name. I was so excited and had been “vibrating at the same frequency” as a grand prize, that I knew I was winning something that day. At 11:30 am I got a call on my cellphone. I won four tickets to see the Toronto Rocks from Molsons. I was so happy because I knew I had manifested the win. Then to my surprise, at 5:30 pm I got a call at home letting me know I won two tickets to see a play, Rose, from The National Post.

It was because I held the feeling of being a Grand Prize winner for so long that I manifested two prizes that day. “If you can hold a particular vibrationfeelingfor a minimum of 17 seconds you can manifest it into creation.

Try this at home today! If you have ever won a grand prize, remember the feeling you had, bring it into your body, and hold on to that feeling as long as you can. If you are new to the hobby, remember a very exciting time in your life, bring that excitement into your body, and hold on to that feeling as long as you can. Better yet, hold on to that feeling while you are entering sweepstakes. Now, let me know what you win.

What are your experiences with the Law of Attraction?