Evelyn Ryan's Family Home

Originally posted on December 29th, 2019. Head over to YouTube to follow my current road trip adventure.

I stopped briefly in Defiance OH and thought it was a good time to repost this blog and links to stories of some original Contest Queens.

After I took a picture of the house, the owner came home so I asked him if he liked living in the house. He did and he said there was memorabilia left in the home.

If you don’t know who Evelyn Ryan is, keep reading.

This year, with no kids at home over the holidays we decided to forego hosting dinner and took a road trip to Nashville instead.


  • visited 7 states, 1 province,
  • had 2 border crossings,
  • experienced the sights and many adventures,
  • saw heaps of twinkle lights,
  • felt the holiday spirit everywhere we went
  • listened to country music and rock and roll.

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We didn’t really have a plan, so on our way back, we decided to stay the night in Fort Wayne IN to check out the famous music company Sweetwater.

I knew we were kinda close to Defiance OH from past road trips. It crossed my mind to stop, but I had no idea exactly how close we were, or if we even had time.

The next morning as we headed to Cleveland, I told George about the book and movie The Prize Winner of Defiance OH, meeting The Affadaisies and Evelyn Ryan. All the while never thinking we were going to stop.

And then we needed to make a pitstop. I said get off at the next exit. As we turned off I realized exactly where we were. Defiance OH.

After a quick trip to Tim Horton’s, I Googled Evelyn’s old address, and off we went.

As I got out of the truck and snapped a few pictures I wondered how many people did what I was doing? Was the neighborhood annoyed at gawkers stopping by? What was it like to live in the Ryan home?

It suddenly wanted to read the book again or watch the movie. I left feeling melancholy as none of the amazing ladies who were part of The Affadaisies were with us. I felt very lucky I had a chance to meet three of them.

Betty, Dortha, Carolyn & Alice (2008)

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Have you read the book or watched the movie?