In 2009 I had the pleasure of being a guest on Wendy Garrett’s original podcast. She also interviewed Helene. Sadly, both those original audio files have been lost.

This week I was lucky enough to reconnect with Wendy and be back on Wendy’s Coffeehouse as we talk about how you can win both sweepstakes in in life, Helene Hadsell style.


Remembering Helene Hadsell. Coming up in my interview with “The Contest Queen” Carolyn Wilman, we talk about how we both connected with Helene Hadsell, aka “The Woman who Wins Every Contest She Enters”. Helene was incredible at manifesting. She taught her method to thousands and, as Carolyn can attest, it works.

Helene died in 2010. Carolyn now holds the copyright and is republishing all of her books. Helene approached her winning strategy with humor. She also studied metaphysics and had fun with her PSI abilities.

Curious and inspired to figure out how to levitate, she eventually succeeded. The downside was struggling to get back on the ground. She quickly decided once was plenty. Levitation was not her thing.

Advice, if you should find yourself levitating, move your body as if you are swimming through the air. Please share your results here!

Ahead of the curve with her ideas on contest winning, Helene developed a very simple recipe to assist in manifesting consistent and teachable results.

I interviewed Helene [and Carolyn] in 2009 and still have my autographed copy of her self-published book – Contesting: The Name it and Claim it Game.

Conscious Living. 2009. Show billboard: Helene knows Thoughts are things – You Are What You Think. – Helene says the spark for her was a saying from Helen Keller: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”…


Realized an interesting connection to my description for the interview with Helene. Happy accident? My orange orb has a spark in the center. Deliciously inspiring.


Phenomenology, Orbs, Aliens, OBEs, PSI, Conscious Manifesting and Helene Hadsell


Carolyn Wilman, 2.20.22 – Contesting, Metaphysics, Manifesting. Helene Hadsell’s Winning Recipe


Carolyn Wilman, 2.20.22 – 2/2 Contesting, Metaphysics. Helene Hadsell’s Winning Recipe

What are your memories of Helene?