Six months ago I created my first money manifestation board, Helene Hadsell-style as found in her book The Name It & Claim It Game. In the second edition, she added a chapter called How to Reinforce Your Talents and Greatness. Within that chapter, she outlines an exercise on how to draw money toward you.

Drawing Money To You

Buy a package of play money from the toy or game department of a store. Write your name on all the bills. Paste them on a piece of green cardboard. With a marks-a-lot, print: MY GOOD IS AT HAND, AND I AM GRATEFULLY RECEIVING IT NOW. MONEY IS DRAWN TO ME CONSTANTLY. MY MONEY SUPPLY IS LIMITLESS. Read it several times each day and imagine you have a handful of money.

I thought it would be fun to recreate her Law of Attraction exercise while answering questions. As I couldn’t find play money at the store, I ordered movie money on Amazon. I bought a large bristol board at the dollar store along with the glue and markers. When it was done, I pasted it on my office door beneath my 2022 vision board. (If you missed the first video, you can watch it on YouTube.)

Then I lived my life, followed intuitive hits, and watched my book sales rise, month after month. They peaked in July and slowly made their way back down. It was definitely time to create another board and film a follow-up video.


My second finished board. I’ll let you know if it makes a difference.

Here are a few tips for creating your board:

  1. Pencil in your border first, along with marking the center of the board. This way your wording will be in the precise middle and not crooked. It will also allow for an even balance of money all the way around.
  2. Divide the play money into four piles of evenly sorted denominations. I would have had enough for four boards vs. two, as I don’t want to make one with only ones and twos.
  3. Get some spray glue if you want to add sprinkles and glitter. The glue stick didn’t work well.

You could also modify this technique for specific prizes, or even life goals. Why not? The process would be the same. I may try that too!

What manifestation exercises do you like?