In 2005, I said I would never enter another voting contest. I won’t rehash the fiasco, but you can read the full story in the October 24th, 2005 issue of The Winning Edge if you want the full details.

The long and the short of that story is I learned, it’s not the best entry that wins. Sometimes it’s the person that has the widest net, or the one willing to cheat in some way, such as buying votes. (Not in that specific case, but yeah … people sometimes cheat to win. Sad, but true.) Therefore, I recommend no one enter voting contests.

Then, every few years, a voting contest comes along and I can’t help myself … A contest launched in my region called Shameless Self-Promotion on Indie 88. This morning I qualified. WOO HOO! However … the unique QR Code I was awarded expires in 72 hours!

The person with the most scans wins a billboard in the city, and I take over Indie88 for the day. (See what I did there? I am using the Law of Assumption.) You know my first order of business will be to host a radio contest!! (And for those not living in the GTA, I am the Contest Queen, after all. Of course, I will host a separate giveaway on my website! I can’t leave out any of my tribe.)

I would love to win as it would be absolutely fun! (I love experiential prizing) But it would be a great way to launch my next book. (The contest isn’t called shameless for nothing!)

Hence, my voting request.

Please vote for me by scanning the QR code or clicking on my unique link. Nothing to fill out or submit on your behalf.


I have to admit, the contest rules are a bit thin. There is no indication of how many times a person can scan or how they are tracking the entries. So scan and click away! + please share with your friends.

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Do you enter voting contests? What has your experience been?