One of the questions I frequently get is, “Should I subscribe to a sponsor’s newsletter?” The answer is maybe.

If you subscribe to everything, your inbox will be clogged. It’s why my answer is maybe. It’s also why Tom Cavalli of IWINCONTESTS recommends that once or twice a year you unsubscribe from 10 newsletters a day.

I say yes if:

  1. you get additional sweepstakes entries for subscribing
  2. or, the sponsor offers benefits for subscribers such as exclusive giveaways.

Yesterday was my birthday. My three favorite emails were:

  1. a free Starbucks birthday drink,
  2. $5 added to my online provincial lottery account,
  3. and 5 free entries from PepsiCo.

I say no if:

  1. there is no immediate benefit to subscribing,
  2. or, you are not interested in hearing from the sponsors again. (Depending on the product or service, you might.)

Either way, it’s why one of the first things I recommend a sweeper set up is an exclusive email address just for entering giveaways.

What is your newsletter strategy?