I found this article as a printout within the remains of Helene Hadsell’s business files. It was the only copy. I had to transcribe it for you, otherwise, it would have been lost forever. I do not know when Helene wrote it, the year this story occurred or if she had ever shared it with anyone.

Seems like just about everyone that sends me-mails thinks that winning the lottery will solve all; of his or her problems. Or they want to know why it is taking so long to COLLECT. They follow the SPEC suggestion and it’s not working.

This brings to mind an experience I had while on the lecture circuit. As I recall it was California and the same question was asked. “How can I win the lottery?”

At that time, Texas did not have a lottery and I confess I had never given it any thought. But logic kicked in and I asked, “Have any of you conducted research to find out what winning numbers come up the most often?” No one had. “Numbers have energy,” I reminded them.

I went to the chalkboard and began writing the numbers covered on their lottery tickets. “How many of you use the number 1-2-etc?” As they raised their hands I counted which numbers from 1 to 50 finding out what numbers were getting the most energy. I circled the most popular numbers and suggested that they included them in their picks.

That evening after the meeting I was in my hotel room when the phone rang. It was a woman who had attended my lecture earlier. She was elated. “During the break, I went out to 7/11 and bought a ticket using the most popular numbers. I missed winning the big prize by one number, but I did win $25,000.”

I suggested keeping a record of the most popular numbers used ‘in your lottery area’. I again repeat, everything is energy. Numbers as well as your thoughts. Use the energy numbers that others are projecting.

Occasionally the tabloids have a story about lottery winners. Most of them confess that they used the same numbers all the time. One man said it took six years to win the jackpot. That would be a delay in results in my book.

When someone emails me and asks me to help them with their goal, of course, I do, with a stipulation … that it is for their highest good.

I have learned that not getting what YOU want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. But that’s just my opinion as I reflect back on my eighty-plus years of observing.

Helene Hadsell

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