Helene never stopped teaching. I found this article on one of the 100 or so 3 1/4″ floppy disks I retrieved from her home when I visited. This was written the year she passed away. To me, when I read it, it feels as if Helene was tired of getting the same question over and over again, and she wrote this piece with zero filters. Read it and decide for yourself what you think.


Why can’t I win the lottery or a million dollars so I can get out of debt and help people with their financial woes?


I’ll repeat this answer for the hundreds of people that write to me with the same question. Why can’t I win the lottery? I’ve been entering the lottery for the past 10-20 etc. years. I stay upbeat and positive; I have a lot of dear friends that are always there for me. And still no luck with winning a lot of money. What am I doing wrong? I use SPEC-but I still haven’t won.

There just may be another explanation for why bad things happen to good people. I have given it a lot of serious thought over the many years that I have been blessed with a supportive family, dear friends, winning a house, cars, trips, and money, many times things that I have not even projected for. Sure, I’ve had losses, disappointments, and physical challenges that are uncomfortable. That’s LIFE! My philosophy is: Life Goes ON-Who CARES? Get over IT!  I’ll admit it sounds a bit harsh…but kid, that is REALITY.

But getting back to SPEC, which I share with people, has always worked for me. I still have 100 percent confidence in it. I Select what I would like. Project it by seeing it happen. Expect it with no set time in mind. Sometimes when we have not projected enough energy into our goal there is a delay in results. Collect it to enjoy, plus I am rewarded with a feeling of elation. This principle is certainly not new; surely you are familiar with this quote; “Ask to receive, Seek to find, Knock and the door will open” has been preached for thousands of years. The same principle as SPEC; I just give more examples. Have you ever asked yourself…Why do bad things happen to good people?

Because I have always had an INQUIRING MIND, forty-five years ago, I started researching astrology, numerology, and the Chinese Horoscope, plus so many books about being lucky, I lost count. The one subject I chose to investigate from all angles, books, and people was the information about numbers. It fascinated me. I’m not talking about the horoscope found in your daily newspaper. There is so much more in-depth that I found credible. I started to compile information about peoples’ birth dates. I found that our birth numbers reveal a lot about us.

EXAMPLE: You chose your parents. Your parents gave you a name. Your higher self gave you your MISSION with numbers. As you read and review what I have discovered from my research and compile it for people that I call your Blueprint, many people are amazed that they never really knew why they are here on planet earth, why they are here and what they should be concentrating on. “KNOW THYSELF” sound familiar?

Did you know that our life is divided into (3) cycles? During each cycle, we have lessons to learn. We also have new life-changing interests. When we truly are aware of what’s going on we can better understand and cope. Remember, YOU wrote your script before you took on a physical body; the only problem is when you entered the physical vibration you forgot everything and started a new slate. As you question and mature, things will begin to make sense for you.

As we evolve, which is an ongoing process, we become more tuned in on what makes us tick, click and get sick. Is it from past lives do’s and don’ts? Why are we faced with limitations? Why are some people rewarded with good deeds and seem so LUCKY? Is it because they are rewarded with balance, or is it payback time for some? Why do some people that we meet for the first time look so familiar? Why are there so many TV shows nowadays using the subject matter of past lives, mediumship subjects? Is it purely for entertainment? Who writes the scripts? Where do the writers get this information?

Did this get you thinking? Or are you one of the people that believe that anything that you can’t see, taste, or smell is the work of the devil? Heaven forbid if you feel or hear something that can scare the YELL! out of you. As I said earlier, I have an inquiring mind. You ask for my opinion, and you have it. You may accept or reject anything that I have shared with you.

You might consider the suggestion I have always used when I project for something, “If this is for my highest good.” Incidentally, when I get requests for my help, I always send out energy with the stipulation, “If it’s for their highest good.”

My closing comment…. Sometimes not getting what YOU want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

Helene Hadsell 2010

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Have you ever won the lottery?

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