I have found an increase in people messaging me across various platforms, asking how do they get started winning big and not wasting their time.

Here are my Top 5 Quick Tips To Get Started Winning:

1) Create a new email address only for entering. This separates your hobby and your personal/business life, making it easier to find winning notifications and keep spam under control.

2) Use a sweepstakes aggregate to quickly and easily find legitimate giveaways. Many aggregates are community-based, which means it’s contestors helping other contestors to win. Find Canadian Contests or American Sweepstakes, or International Competitions.

3) Use tools to help you enter faster. My tool of choice is RoboForm. Not only does it fill contest forms, but I also use it to organize all my sweepstakes. PLUS, all my followers get 30% (or more) OFF!

4) Use all 5 entry methods to increase your odds of winning. They are in-person, mail-in, phone-in, online, and via mobile phone.

5) Always read the rules. I usually make this my #1 tip as it’s the one that people do the least, and it’s the most important as you do not want to disqualify yourself.

What is your winning tip for a newbie?