20+ years ago, I figured out that sweepers should have an email address just for entering giveaways. I started with my work email and over the course of several months discovered that it was a bad idea. It took me six months to switch over to a new account.

However, as of late, I noticed I was missing regular emails, have seen an increase in spam, which I rarely got, and a few contests stated I needed a legitimate email address to enter. Hmmmm….

It was time for a new email address. Personally, I like Yahoo, vs. Gmail, and discovered I could get the same email address with a MyYahoo.com extension. I started a new account and am slowly switching over all my entries as I find new contests. I even set up a second RoboForm identity to make it easier to enter sweepstakes with my new profile.

As the hobby is ever-evolving, it’s important to be open to change when it comes. It keeps entering sweepstakes exciting and fun.

Have you ever had to start over with an email address?