When I won a year’s supply of pizza, my husband asked my daughter, “What’s better than pizza?” The answer?  “Free pizza!”

Free is good.

That is why many people enter contests and sweepstakes as a hobby. Sometimes you don’t even have to enter a giveaway to get something for free. If you are looking to do something a little different without spending a lot of money, get tickets to the taping of a local television show. Sometimes they even give out free stuff or have giveaways! Helene did this, too, and outlined her TV audience adventures in The Name It & Claim It Game.

Living near Toronto, I have been to many shows taped in the city. There is something for everyone’s taste and schedule. Check out your local TV station’s webpage to see what is taped near you to get your free tickets. (This isn’t an option in every market, but you never know.) If you win (or plan) a trip to L.A. or New York, visit your favorite TV show’s website and see how to get free tickets. You may get a chance to be in the audience!

Have you ever been to a show taping?