I frequently get asked if anyone offers Blueprints the way Helene Hadsell used to. The answer is no. However, I wouldn’t be creating a video if I didn’t have a solution.

In this video, I am going to share with you the Blueprints Helene created for me and two articles she wrote on how you could create your own (one of them is posted on this website), and contact information to some intuitives that can help you on your life path, effectively Blueprints 2.0.


BOOKS: Helene’s books on Amazon


Stacy Quast: Soul Contract Astrology – similar to Blueprints. Stacy can also add Numerology and Tarot into your consultation.

Sarah Jordan: Blueprint 2.0 – Helene Hadsell-style Reading

NOTE: I will add to this list as practitioners become available.

Did you ever buy a Blueprint from Helene?