There is a reason “Always Read the Rules” is my #1 tip.

If you don’t follow the rules, you will either not even be in to win, or you will be disqualified if your name is drawn. What is worse is you won’t even know!

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What if the rules are confusing?

Read the rules carefully (I know this seems silly if they already don’t make any sense), but you are looking for the name of the company in charge of the contest. It will most likely be an agency, but it could be the sponsor itself.

Then you can look them up online, find the Contact Us information and reach out to them, requesting clarification. You can also ask via social media, but depending on the company, it may be a different agency, and you may not get an answer. e.g., When I worked as a Contest Manager for a large ad agency, I worked with the Account Manager for a large popular cheese company; on some promotions, there were up to five agencies involved (contest, social media, analytics, advertising, etc.)

Also, reach out to your social media sweepstakes community. Different eyes can sometimes spot and understand a clause you couldn’t. It’s one of the hidden benefits of making contest friends both off and online.

What are the most confusing clauses you come across?