I originally started the Good Vibrations Sweepstakes Club on Facebook because sweepers needed a safe place to post their wins without getting the stink eye.

Like any good group, it needs to evolve with the member’s needs. One of those needs was the need to connect with other members outside of Facebook and help each other win.

Keeping in line with spreading good vibes, tagging fellow sweepers in online giveaways gives you a chance to win AND notifies them of a potential new winning opportunity.

Some were posting tagging requests in the group, but they were haphazard and hard to follow. Therefore, I decided it was a good idea to once in a while; I am going to share a Tagging Tuesday post. It will be pinned as a Featured post in the group until the next post. (Be sure to add in your city/province as some social media sweepstakes are ‘locals’.)

I’ll start:
  • Instagram & Facebook @TheContestQueen
  • TikTok & Twitter @ContestQueen
  • City: Toronto ON Canada (You can tag me to get an entry if you live far or in another country, I just can’t enter.)
I look forward to seeing your posts about what you win from this exercise in sharing the fun, excitement, and good luck.
Do you currently tag sweeping buddies?