Hi Carolyn,
I bought your book some time ago and found it very helpful. There seem to be so many contesting websites now. Can you recommend one in particular? By relying on more than one, I run the possibility of multiple entries, thus disqualifying myself.

Great question, Dave.

TIP 1: One way I avoid contest duplication and potential disqualification is to use RoboForm to enter and organize my sweepstakes. That way, if I inadvertently encounter a contest I have already entered, RoboForm recognizes the URL, and I know not to enter again. You can use this for daily, weekly, and single-entry giveaways, as you will delete the Passcard after the contest ends.

TIP 2: I can’t tell you which sweepstakes aggregate you will like. It’s why there are so many. There are lists, blogs, forums, memberships, groups, etc. You have to try different ones to see what style you like best. I like the sites that email me a list of the new contests posted that day, so I don’t have to go hunting. Others prefer sites you can log in to. Many offer an internal tracking system for contests you favorite and or enter. Others prefer lists they scroll through. Some change their aggregate every year or so to ‘mix-up’ their hobby. Make this hobby your own.

TIP 3: I know many people, especially in the United States, who subscribe to more than one newsletter or website, with slightly different focuses to get the best of both. I stick to one aggregate to avoid the duplication problem, on top of the fact I don’t have the time to deal with more than one.

Check out my Resources section for lists of sweepstakes, contest, and competition sites.

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