After the TV Pilot High Stakes Sweepers aired on TLC, one of the fears I saw brought up over and over again within various sweepstakes forums and chat rooms was, “The more people that take up sweepstakes as a hobby, will mean fewer prizes for me.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s a case of January at the gym.

Each January, thousands of people make the New Year’s Resolution that this will be the year they lose weight, get fit and take on a healthier lifestyle. They join the local gym in droves. Regular members suddenly find it harder to get time on their favorite piece of equipment, find floor space in the class they love, or book time with their trainer of choice. By the end of March, you would never have known, for a while, there had been any change. Why? Because you don’t lose 20, 50, or 100 pounds overnight. It takes effort, work, willpower, a change of lifestyle, and patience.

Sweepstaking is no different. You (usually) don’t become a grand prize winner immediately. It takes effort, work, and a lifestyle change. When a newbie doesn’t win $25,000 cash, the luxury cruise, or the new car within the first few weeks, they give up, and just like March at the gym, you would never have known for a while there had been an influx in hobbyists.

Seasoned sweepers always follow the 3 Ps: Patience, Persistence, and Postage. Now, Postage is fading away as mail-in sweeps become further and fewer, but the first two adages will never change. I also like to remind sweepers that there are enough prizes for everyone, even if more people are entering on a daily basis. Companies in the U.S. billions each year running promotions, and it’s only growing. (I know I didn’t will all those prizes myself!!)

Remember, you were once a new sweeper too. So instead of fearing a glut of new sweepers, be a friend because you can’t lose helping others win.