The key to winning is to be organized. If you are not organized you will most likely, and inadvertently, disqualify yourself. Then, even if your name is selected, you will not win.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Create an email address just for entering sweepstakes.

This will keep your hobby separate from your personal and work life, plus cut down on spam.

Learn to quickly scan online rules for:

eligibility ● start and end dates ● entry frequency

Use tools to help you enter faster, such as RoboForm.

See Step 2

My #1 tip, Always read the rules!

Keep track of your wins.

Track all your wins in a spreadsheet so you know when to expect to recieve a prize, along with feeling lucky each time you see how much you have won.
Download Spreadsheet

Ensure you have a plan that offers unlimited texting,

along with a reasonable amount of data, so you can sweep on-the-go.

Learn how to connect to a local hotspot when out-and-about.

Taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi in malls, coffee shops, etc. will save you data.

Load the apps for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your smartphone

so you can enter during downtimes.

Ensure you have:

#10 envelopes ● 3”x5” blank cards ● Stamps ● black or blue pen

Use clear printed (not cursive) block letters when entering.

Space your entries out throughout the entire sweepstakes.