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CQ Giveaways

Win a MacBook Pro Laptop!

July 21st, 2021|

There is a reason I have a Stay Safe chapter in all of my sweepstakes books. Whether you enter sweepstakes or not, you must keep yourself, your information, identity, and your computer safe. ESET has [...]

Win a Book from Me!

July 7th, 2021|

WINNING WEDNESDAY! I haven't given away anything in a while and I am feeling lucky, so the best way I know to share that feeling is to host a sweepstakes!! Not just one, but THREE! [...]

TikTok Follower Contest #3!

June 4th, 2021|

WOO HOO! I love reaching social media milestones and to share my excitement, I am hosting a giveaway. Would you expect anything else from the Contest Queen?! WOO HOO! To enter you have to go [...]

Win 1 of 5 Visa Gift Cards!

May 12th, 2021|

I love working with new companies. Let me introduce you to Malibu Rewards. To encourage people to test their sign-up process to their new loyalty program, Malibu Rewards is hosting a giveaway! IMPORTANT! Be sure [...]

Win a Sweepstakes Mystery Novel!

May 3rd, 2021|

I am beyond excited!! Last summer I discovered a fellow sweeper was not only an author, but she wrote mystery novels. My favorite genre. Not only that, but the protagonist is a sweeper!! I immediately [...]