We made sure we were up early enough to get to Buckingham Palace in time to see the changing of the guard.

Since I was still sick and we had a big evening ahead, we kept the activities simple and had a rest before heading out for a fantastic evening.

We met the Universal Music representative outside the Carling Academy Brixton at 8:30pm.  We arrived in time to see Duffy take the stage.  Unfortunately it was standing room only.  I was in no condition to stand for 90 minutes.  We watched her first few songs, then retreated to the bar where we could sit and still hear the entire concert.  We ensured we were back in time to see her final numbers and encore.  (If you have never heard Duffy before, check out the videos on her website.  She has an amazing voice!)

After the concert we were taken to the backstage to the After Party.  After a short wait we had the opportunity to meet Duffy.  In my rush to pack I forgot her CD – ARGH!  But I had talked Stephanie into buy one, so she had her’s autographed.

One really fun aspect of this hobby is you can win opportunities to meet people you would not normally cross paths with in your everyday life.  I loved the energy Duffy exuded both on and off stage.  Singing is what she was meant to do.  She almost glows with the passion for her craft.

Universal Music also ensured we had a taxi ride back to the hotel.  The transportation to or from the concert wasn’t included in the prize, but the local representative knew the area wasn’t the best at night and ensured we got back safely.  We were very grateful.  I only wish I had felt better to fully enjoy the whole experience.