Sunday morning began with a Pinata Party. Twelve people were called up to the front, a designated pinata smasher broke the pinata and each person grabbed one of the eggs that rolled out. They won was was written on the little piece of paper that was inside.

We then watched videos of big winners including Jon of Natick, MA a finalist in the Pepsi Billions sweepstakes. Very nail-biting. No, he didn’t win the billion, but he did win a million!

It was announced that the 2010 Annual National Sweepstakes Convention will be held on the Labour Day weekend in Bloomington MN. I’ll post the details as soon as they are available.

Then we had all the editors of America’s most popular newsletters answer questions, panel-style.

Brent Riley & Kerrie Bloss of Online-Sweepstakes.Com
Carol McLaughlin of This N’ That Sweepstakes Stuff Newsletter
Patti Osterheld of SweepSheet
Judy McCurdy of Sweeping America
Al Sayward Jr. aka. “Captian Jack” of The Sweeper Times

The last game played was Keyturn. Ten players came up, selected a key, and won what was behind the door their key opened.

We closed with a big YEE-HA!

See you in New Hampshire for a Star-Spangled Celebration!!