Attracting Abundance

Creating abundance doesn’t just bring in wins and prizes, it allows all areas of your life to flourish.  It does use the Law of Attraction, but it’s much more than that.

Many people find it difficult to shift away from their what is, their current physical or more likely perceived reality, to focusing on what could be, infinite possibilities, without feeling they are frauds, charlatans or daydreamers.  The key is to focus on your goals, dreams, wishes and desires from a place of authenticity.

Robert Ohotto, one of my favourite intuitive teachers, states we don’t want money.  What we want is the choice money offers us.  If I have a $1,000,000 I have many more options than if I have $1000.

Understanding that concept I called his show Soul Connexions one evening asking about my financial independence has it has eluded me since our bankruptcy (see Where Have All the Blog Posts Gone – Part 3).  I felt like I was in the movie Jerry Maguire, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”  During the show (Taking Responsibility for Your Life in 2013) he recommended I read The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth.  I am only on chapter 3, but my relationship with money has already shifted for the better.  As per Robert’s advice, and what I am learning, I have started realigning what I offer to the world in the form of authentic service (teaching others how to win and helping companies run more successful promotions) to receiving financial compensation for my gifts, all the while moving from the archetype of the starving healer to a sacred one.

As Robert, like many of us, also struggles with his own relationship with money, he hosted a show called Creating Abundance by Giving Your Soul Financial Currency.  What prompted the show was a fantastic TED Talk by Amanda Palmer, The Art of Asking.

Amanda isn’t the first to use crowd funding as a form of income, but I think she best expresses the relationship between money, energy exchanges and financial currency.

What are you doing from a place of authenticity to create abundance in your life?


Carolyn WilmanCarolyn Wilman (aka @ContestQueen) is the author of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter. She teaches others how to find, organize, enter and win contests, sweepstakes and giveaways. To-date others have won over $1,000,000 using her Online Contesting System. With over twenty years experience as a Marketing Consultant, Carolyn also helps companies create, and viral market, winning promotions.