You may recognize the name Mike Dooley as he was in the movie The Secret. He was the first person I heard say “THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS”.

I don’t remember sure how I originally found him, but I do remember getting his daily TUT emails. I even printed this one out and kept it. Now they are called Notes From The Universe.


I was also happy to discover he was a Toastmaster. I joined the month before this video was recorded and I found this video inspiring.

This chat was originally streamed as a Facebook Live in the Good Vibrations Sweepstakes Club Group on Thursday, May 14th, 2020 and it was terrible.

First, I couldn’t get Streamyard to work. Then I finally got onto Facebook Live, only to find out afterwards that my camera software left a pop-up box square on the entire video. I was going to edit out the beginning and reupload the video, only to realize if I did that, every comment on the original would be removed. As I was hosting a contest it would negate the whole thing. To top it off the camera seem more focused on the background than my face. So, it is what it is.

Maybe I’ll do another Thoughts Become Things chat. I’ll be less discombobulated.

Had you ever heard of Mike Dooley?