A fellow sweeper found this old article about Helene Hadsell that was originally published in the Weekly World News on January 13th, 1981.

I am not crazy about the title as it implies Helene didn’t do any work to win. You won’t win prizes with your mind. Like the title of my first book title; you can’t win if you don’t enter. Helene, and her family, invested a lot of time and energy into their entries. It was that energy and focus that garnered her all those prizes.


There are many sweepers today that enter with the same energy and focus that Helene did and they win just as big. Just ask fellow teachers Di Coke, Tom Cavalli, or Rachel Marie Travis.

Remember Helene’s acronym SPEC when you are entering: Select it, Project it, Expect it, Collect it.

Do you believe you can be as lucky as Helene?