Have you read the book The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease. (I highly recommend it!) Kyle outlines something that many teach, including myself and Helene Hadsell, and that is, focus on the end result, not the how.

I’ve even taken it one step further this year and am not even focusing on the things, but the why I want them and how they will make me feel. You would be amazed at what appears if you get out of your own way.

As I was looking at old blog posts to see which ones were evergreen, I discovered this gem.

Originally posted on March 25th, 2008. 

Can you create money out of thin air? No? Did you know the banks do? Watch Money as Debt to see how they do it. (How Banks Create Money Out of Thin Air)

Image by Tamim Tarin from Pixabay

To me, this once again, proves everything is energy. Money does not actually exist. It’s a thought, a concept. If you think about what you want in life, you really do not want money. You want what the money can be traded for: a house, car, travel, electronics, clothes, food, etc., which you think will bring you what you really want: happiness.

Focus on what you want, the end result, and forget about the money.

Think it doesn’t work? Let me tell you a story.

Since 2017 I wanted to reciprocate a gift to my sister. When I turned 50 she took me on vacation. I decided that when she turned 50 I would do the same. However, in 2019 the timing didn’t work for a myriad of reasons and the funds weren’t available.

One of the reasons was she got married that fall. Their original plan was to go on a honeymoon the following spring. We all know how that went.

As travel has been opening up again. I thought it was time to think about reciprocating, not just the birthday trip, but also a honeymoon. A trip to a tropical all-inclusive resort for the four of us. Right now, I am still not solvent and do not have the funds, but what did I just say? Focus on the end result.

During the Super Bowl, there is an insane number of social media giveaways. You basically spend 4+ hours Facebooking, tweeting, and Instagramming. (Yes, I just made up two verbs.) I did and guess what?! I won a travel gift card. Enough to take all four of us away on vacation any time we wish.

Think about what you really want and why. Focus on those feelings. Forget about the money. Expect the unexpected.

Let me know what shows up?