All boats rise with the tide, and any tool available to help you win, I want to share. This new book comes from my Sweepstakes Soul Sister, Di Coke, better known as Super Lucky Di! Di Coke is also a sweepstakes teacher and author from the U.K. (so technically, she is a competitions teacher). She wrote Super Lucky Secrets in 2019; this year, she published BootComp, and next year she is releasing How to Win Competitions.

Di says it much better than I ever could, so here is the introduction to BootComp and how she came to have such a fabulous idea.



Di also outlines the features of the planner in her blog, but it’s more than a simple goal diary. Like me, she believes in being organized to win, but why not make it fun?! There are lists, challenges, tasks, and tips so 2023 can be your best year of winning.


NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement. I just believe in lifting each other up. One of my goals is to get to the UK and hang out with Di in person. Please send me British travel vibes.

What resources do you use for winning motivation?