Linda C. wanted to know about giveaways with unlimited entries.

Is it true when it says unlimited entries that people enter, say, 1000 times to win cash or a trip, etc.? I usually only enter once per day. So, could that be why I have entered every contest I can on Facebook since March and have won zero?

The reason you aren’t winning is you do not have an online entry system. You are just entering random giveaways you find on Facebook. That isn’t entering best odds giveaways, either. Here are three things you can do today to begin winning.


Don’t limit yourself to only entering on Facebook. There are thousands of giveaways for you to enter in-person, on the radio, online (including social media and apps), text to win, and mail in. Many have far better odds of winning. If you expand your option for entry, you increase your odds of winning.


Why hunt for your own giveaways to enter when there are dozens of websites that have done it for you? Sweepstakes aggregates have collected legitimate giveaways for you to enter in one place. There are a wide variety of styles, from forums to blogs to groups. Check out different sites to find one you like and that suits your hobby.


This is the #2 thing contestors do wrong. (#1 is not reading the rules) My favorite tool for organizing my sweepstakes is RoboForm, but you can use your browser, or some aggregates include some sort of My Sweepstakes feature. It doesn’t matter which one you pick as long as you have a system to ensure you enter every day to maximize your odds of winning.


Now back to giveaways with unlimited entries. They mainly occur on social media, but not always. Usually, they ask you to tag as many friends as you wish to be in to win. When I enter those giveaways, I only tag five to ten friends. I feel if I am going to win, I will. I then spend my time entering other contests (vs. continuing to tag people in one sweepstakes).

So, yes, there are people that will tag hundreds of people and win that one prize, but I would rather increase my odds of winning in general and enter more contests. My track record proves it, as I win 5+ prizes every month, month after month. And I am not the only one. Attend a sweepstakes convention, and you will meet hundreds of amazing people just like me.

Implement these strategies today, and you will begin winning.

If you have a sweepstakes question, email it to #AskCarolynAnything, and I will answer it in a future post.