After all the adventures we had the day before getting Craig’s ticket changed over to Stephanie, neither of got much sleep on the plane.  The flight landed at 6:00am London time.  After going through customs, getting our lift to the hotel and finally checking in we were ready to SIGHTSEE!

(TRAVEL TIP: To save money, buy all day transit passes allowing you unlimited use of “the tube”.)

I thought we would start at the best and work our way down from there.  Our first shop was Harrods.  We visited the Diana and Dodi memorial and I stocked up on Earl Grey #42. (This was reported to be Douglas Adams’ favourite tea and where he came up with the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.)

We then popped over to Covent Gardens for lunch at Punch and Judy.  We got a crepe for dessert.  We didn’t realize the wrap was leaking so we went back to the hotel to clean up. Back out again.  Since it had begun to rain we decided to check out the Westfield Mall.  The marketing on the mall’s website makes it seem almost magical.  After we shopped and had dinner in the food court, I realized even thought the architecture was spectacular, and all the shops were different, it was still just a mall.  (Our malls should create food courts like this one!  No fast food.  Only really high quality food, fast.  AMAZING!)

The day went by really quickly and since we had now gone nearly 48 hours without sleep, we headed back to the hotel to get some well earned rest.