If you regularly read my blog, you know I recently won a trip to London.

Right after I realized I had won, two thoughts went through my head:

1) WOW! This stuff really works and

2) Oh My Gosh, all the other goals I set for myself are on their way!

Right after I interviewed Helene Hadsell on my Blog Talk Radio Show on August 4th I set the following goals for myself:

  • To own a very profitable business,
  • to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show,
  • to win a new car,
  • to win a week-long romantic trip for two to London UK,
  • to win a week-long family trip for four to Walt Disney World,
  • to win a home makeover,
  • to win a backyard makeover,
  • to win a big-screen LCD HDTV,
  • to win a Wii,
  • and to win a BlackBerry.

Hold on!  Didn’t I ask for a week-long trip to London?

The trip I won was only 4 nights/5 days.  I thought, “Close enough!”, and merrily made travel plans.  Well, while making all the travel arrangements with the contest sponsors, Universal Music and Transat Holidays, I was informed we would be flying out on December 4th and returning on December 11th.  Wait, wasn’t that 6 nights/7 days?  Yes.  They chose to extend the trip by 2 days.  So I got my week after all.  I was amazed at how well Helene’s SPEC method (Select it, Project it, Expect it and Collect it) actually worked!  (BTW, did you notice? I asked the Universe for what I wanted and it arrived via Universal. COOL!)

But wait, there’s more!

As the information for the trip went back and forth, I realized we were not flying into Heathrow airport, but into Gatwick.  (If you have never been to London, Heathrow is close to the city connected by the Underground.  Gatwick is fairly far and one must take the train into the city, then change to the Underground.)  I thought OH NO!  Not that I minded flying to an airport further out of the city, or even having to take the train, but our luggage is old (I bought it in 1990) and it wouldn’t be very easy to haul on and off trains.  I said to my husband Craig, we need new luggage.  He started to shop around.  In the meantime, I got the final travel documents.  I realized Transat Holidays had included transfers to and from the airport by car.  I said to Craig, “Since we are being chauffeured and with Christmas just around the corner, I think we can manage another trip with our old luggage and purchase a new set in the new year.”  He agreed.

Then on November 30th, I got a call from Zellers.  I had entered a contest way back in May and I won.  Could I come down to the store and pick up my brand-new set of luggage? They apologized for taking so long to call me, but they had to wait for the two smaller pieces of luggage to arrive from the other contest sponsor.  Incredible!  That goal wasn’t even on the original list.  The wish for new luggage was an afterthought and it manifested, almost, immediately.

Now, I wonder when my new car will arrive.