“There is no failure. Just a delay in results.”
Helene Hadsell

As I cleaned out my inbox today, I came across an article that my friend Lori sent me called: The Secret is out – and it works! After viewing the movie The Secret, the author, Sharon, set what some would think would be an impossible goal.  She decided that the next time she ate pizza, it would be in Venice, Italy, on a specific date at a specific time. Sharon didn’t worry about the how, as the how is the domain of the Universe.  Instead, she took action. She told all her family, friends (and probably anyone else that would listen) about her goal. You can guess how her story turned out.

I won my trip to London, England!!

It reminded me of how I won my trip to London, England. I picked a specific goal – going to London; I focused on it every day – wrote it out on a 3×5, took action – entered every contest to London I could find, and told all my friends – because you never know who can help you (e.g., send you a new contest link, take you with them on their win, etc.) and believed I would win. I just didn’t know when.

Get a jump on your New Year’s goals. What do you want to win by December 31st, 2009?

Here is one of my goals:

I am so glad the first car I am winning will be parked in my driveway soon.

Notice what I said first, implying I will win more than one car in my lifetime!  Also, I first typed, “I look forward to winning my first car.” but that only puts the goal into the future, and since I don’t live in the future, I live here NOW; I needed to make the goal present, now. So watch your wording when you write out your goals too.

Back to Helene’s quote at the top of this post.

She says just because we want it now doesn’t mean we will get it immediately or that we should have it now. The Universe has perfect timing.  Helene’s goal is to be a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. She has focused on that goal for 2 1/2 years now. You would think she would have given up after so much time, but she hasn’t. She still focuses on it every day, knowing when the time is right, she will be on the show. So if I only focused on my goal of a romantic trip to London for a few weeks and won it within three months, I wonder what else I can win, do, be, or have?!!

What can you win, do, be or have?