I was only back from Texas one day and I went on a road trip with my contesting buddy Rick.  So on Wednesday Rick and I drove down to Rochester NY to meet Donna DeClemente of DDC Marketing and then attend a Lucky Lilacs club meeting.

We meet Donna at Northfield and had a very interesting conversation about sweeping from both sides of the hobby.  (I’ll be doing a guest blog posting for Donna shortly.  I’ll keep you posted.)  The time passed too quickly and we had to be off to our next meeting.  The conversation had been so interesting that we wished we could have continued and had dinner with her.  Maybe next time.

The Lucky Lilacs meet on a Wednesday evening once per month.

I thought they always met at their local Wegmans, but apparently, the past two meetings were held at local bars.  Each of those meetings moved location because each time a member had won a fantastic prize and they celebrated.

Nine members attended the meeting that evening.  Similar to the DFWinners, they began their meeting with a Roll Call announcing all their winnings since the previous meeting.  What they did differently was, they also pass around a lucky green candle.  When it was their turn, if a member had a win bigger than $500, they blew out the candle and absorbed the winning energy while all the other club members clapped and cheered.  What fun!

We then had drawn for: decorated envelopes, regular stamps, postcard stamps, lottery tickets, and blank 3x5s, and at the end, all the losing tickets were put into a bin and a name was drawn for a Better-Than-Nothing gift bag.

I won the decorated envelopes! WOO HOO!

and since we don’t mail in much in Canada anymore, I gave them to the member who had the least amount of wins for the past month.  I guess good karma came back around because I then won the Better-Than-Nothing prize.

What a fun night we had!

Rick and I then drove home in the first big snowfall of the year.  I finally crawled into bed at 3 am.  The next time I go back, it will definitely be in warmer weather!

If you are currently not a member of a sweeping or contesting club, I highly recommend it.  There is no words to describe the energy one receives from being around other winners.  The friends I have made in this hobby far outweigh any wins I have ever had.