What a crazy week I have had and it has culminated with a chest cold.  So, I am finally blogging about last Sunday in Hershey PA.

What an early morning after such a late night.  YAWN.  Nothing keeps a sweeper away from prizes! Robb Nease, our MC, spoke about radio contests and I spoke about The Missing Secrets.  I really liked all his tips but I found some only worked for smaller markets.  I know from experience because sometimes trying to dial-in, in a major market such as Toronto can be very difficult.

One tip was: ensure you sign-up to the online loyal listener club as sometimes members are offered exclusive contests or given additional online opportunities to win prizes.  Others were, to get to know the DJs or when the station has a remote, go as there usually are exclusive prizes for attendees. (Sandra posted a great article on increasing your odds in radio contests awhile back on her site.)

I then spoke on The Missing Secrets.  Last year I spoke about The Law of Attraction and The Secret.  I read a lot and over the course of the year I felt, I “discovered” two more steps to the three step process.  Ask, Believe, Receive PLUS Action and Presence.  So, my speech this year was basically a quick review of last years speech along with going into detail on my research.  (I’ll save expanding on those two points for another blog post!)  At the end of my speech I gave away a dozen of my favourite motivational and inspiration books as prizes.

The convention finished of with, of course, another round of prizes!  I love to hear sweepers yelp with joy when their name is called.  I won a Thanksgiving table decoration set.  Too bad I’ll have to wait a year to use it as Canada’s Thanksgiving was on Monday October 13th.

I’ll post the detail on the next Hershey convention as soon as I receive them.  Hope to see you there!