On Sunday we headed over to my absolute favourite London landmark, the Tower of London.

When we arrived, we discovered the Tower was one of the locations for outdoor ice skating set up in London for the holiday season.

Once inside we arrive just-in-time for a tour by a Yeoman Warder.  (Each Yeoman must have at least 22 years of British Military service before they can even apply to be a Yeoman Warder.)

After the tour we got in line to see the Crown Jewels.  (No photography is allowed inside.)  The jewels are so big and perfect it’s hard to believe they are real!

We then stopped for tea and scones bfore seeing the rest of the sights.

On our way to the White Tower, we spotted this piece of history.  It is part of the original Roman wall that surrounded “London” in the late 2nd century.

Inside the White Tower we saw the staircase the remains of two small boys were found during a restoration  of the steps. The disappearance of the Two Princes is one of the great mysteries of the Tower.

From one of the upper windows, we could see the Queen’s House that was originally commissioned for Anne Boleyn.

Due to my being ill and tired, we arrived just after lunch.  We stayed until the Tower closed and were treated to seeing the Tower Bridge all lit up as we left.

We headed over to Leicester Square to local a restaurant for dinner.  We were met by the odd sight of seeing an entire fair set up in the square.

(TRAVEL TIP: We were told by the Yeoman, that if you arrive early on Sunday, you can be admitted free if you attend a service at the Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula.)