The convention officially began at noon yesterday when the Vendor Room opened.

Vendor Room

CQ table

It is great having a vendor table as all my sweeping buddies eventually make it around the room to me. Thankfully Craig (my husband) was there to help as I spent half the time hugging and chatting with all my friends.  (If you are wondering what exactly is on my table, I sell all the fun and lucky items from my online store, except this year I forgot to bring the baseball hats?!)

Tribute to Carolyn Sayward

A very touching tribute to Carolyn Sayward was also set up in the Vendor Room.  (You may remember I blogged about Carolyn’s passing earlier this year.)

meet & greet

The Meet & Greet Reception went from 7:00 to 9:00pm.  It was a chance for me to see those that checked in later or didn’t come into the Vendor Room in the afternoon.  Looking forward to Day 2 as that’s when the “real” winning begins!

Continued: Annual National Sweepstakes Convention — DAY 2