I realized when I began to write this blog post that I didn’t take any pictures of the crowd or the Sunday Morning Grand Prize Winners because, as usual, by the time the last session began we are all very tired. Thankfully, Wendy Wallach (@madamerkf) is high energy and woke up the room. Wendy is the owner of It’s Really Only a Purple World, a blog about everything and anything.  She is also a blog contest expert.  Not only does she enter blog contests, but her blog hosts contests.  She answered questions about the ins and outs of blog contests.  Many people don’t like entering blog contests as they take more time to enter than a sweepstakes with a standard entry form.  They are a viable way to win many prizes per month with a small-ish dollar value since fewer people enter.  They are also becoming a more viable way to win big prizes as more companies are realizing a blogger’s value and donating grand-er prizes.

Just like Joan, Wendy is also very animated and hard to photograph “in action”.  Plus, she is one of the most dynamic women I have ever met.  She took the time to sit with Craig and me to show us both how to increase the number and quality of giveaways on our blogs.  As I stated earlier this year, one of my goals this year was to have more contests.  Wendy has helped me to do just that.  Thanks, Wendy!

More PRIZES!  I won one more prize for sweeping supplies donated by Robyn and Todd.  They are best friends and have been sweeping buddies for over 15 years.  Although they do not have an online sweeping business, they do sell their creations at all conventions.  Be sure to stop by their table at the 22nd Annual National Sweepstakes Convention.

Originally, our hostess Carol McLaughlin had stated this would be the last Hershey mini-convention.  However, I think all the fun and fellowship of the weekend got to her.  During her closing remarks, she asked who was interested in attending a convention next year.  Most of the room raised their hands.  So there just may be another mini-convention next fall. <crossed fingers>

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have never run a convention or an event at a hotel before you may not be aware of something called attrition.  Hotel attrition basically states the group holding an event at the hotel is obligated to fulfill so many hotel room nights.  The group is also encouraged to purchase as many event meals as possible.  For example, we stayed Thursday through Saturday night, so Craig and I used up three nights of Carol’s attrition.  If a convention attendee stays elsewhere, Carol loses attrition.  If she loses too much, and doesn’t meet her contracted attrition rate, the hotel expects Carol to pay for those empty rooms, out of the convention budget (fewer prizes!) or worse, out of her own pocket.  So, if you are planning to attend a sweepstakes convention, also please plan to stay at the host hotel.

Hope to see you next year!
Or at least at national!