On Friday, Facebook made a massive announcement many social media marketers are calling Facebook Zero. It basically boils down to: if the 65 million business pages do not pay Facebook to promote their content. no one will see it (zero people).

There will be exceptions. Those poses that promote community. Those posts with video (Facebook Live video, vs uploaded video or YouTube links). You will also see posts from companies you choose to SEE FIRST. (Considering the number of company pages sweepers LIKE, it will be a daunting tasks to pick a select few.)

You will also see posts from those companies pay Facebook to boost, plus ads companies pay Facebook to push.

I told my clients, a full two years before the initial Pay-to-Play model was implemented by Facebook, they needed to own their marketing as I could see the writing on the wall. That is now more important than ever, based on the recent changes announce by Facebook.

Here are the links to various Facebook videos and articles I promised in my video:

I believe we are going to see a change in the hobby. I have yet to formulate how it will look exactly. Right now:

  • I believe We will see a move for companies to increase their newsletter subscribers.
  • I hope we see a return to online entry sweepstakes.
  • We may see a bigger shift to Twitter and Instagram giveaways.

Only time will tell …

What are your thoughts?