Carolyn & Dave

I have wanted to meet Dave Lackie since he started his Twitter account in 2009. I was in awe of his social media mastery. Dave was doing everything right when it came to ensuring his followers engaged with him across all platforms.

I remember when he started inviting his fans and followers to local cosmetics events. I was determined to win. Then three years ago I won an invitation. I was ecstatic.

And then I had to cancel.

My daughter had a doctor’s appointment change and I wasn’t able to move it. Thankfully Dave understood, draw another name, and encouraged me to keep trying.

I finally did it. Last night I met Dave and gave him the biggest hug.

As I work from home I live in jeans, sweatpants, or on lazy days PJs. It was so nice to dress up and go out.

The other benefit of attending a media event was meeting other fellow bloggers who won invites.

Loved hanging out with Sarah and Coleen. It was wonderful to sip wine, eat hor oeuvres, and get to know the amazing women behind the online handles.

As we chatted we checked out the scents in the #FumeScentLounge and watched Dave lead the presentation of the new Marc Jacobs scent Daisy. All the attendees were lucky enough to get a bottle as a parting gift.

Check out all the pictures I took in the Facebook photo album I created.

I will also try to win again for a future event. Dave sure knows how to host a product event! (I can’t give him all the credit. He has an amazing team behind him.)

Have you ever won an invite to one of Dave’s in-person beauty events?