I feel as if I am a perfect example of the Law of Attraction, in action.

What do I mean by that?

I mean you attract anything in life, not just sweepstakes prizes, by the frequency you vibrate at.

For example, if you want to listen to Rock 102 FM and you are tuned to Country 99 FM you will not be listening to the music you want. The same goes for life. If you are unhappy, it will be harder to attract prizes, or other positive experiences, as you are not on the same frequency as they are.

The last big prize I won in my name was a trip to London England in 2008. I did win two trips after that, but they were in my ex’s name (we were still married at the time). At that point, life started to slide downhill for me.

SIDE NOTE: For those astrology fans out there, Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008. I am a triple Capricorn. My Sun and Mercury are in my 8th House and my Moon is in my 7th House. All Capricorn. Pluto is the planet of destruction and rebirth. That is exactly what has happened to me. I lost everything I knew. My husband. My marriage. My family. My home. My health. My money and I barely hung onto my business.

Anyway … I was entering, but not winning very much, and what I was winning was little. I also wasn’t entering at the level I used to. At first, it was because I was still living with my ex. I didn’t move out until late 2013 when all the legalities were settled, and I wasn’t feeling lucky at all, or wanting to win for that matter. Who wants to win when they are feeling down? A bit of a cycle really. Feel down. Don’t enter. Don’t win. Feel down.

However, I always had hope things would change. They slowly did.

I rented a townhouse in 2013. In 2015 when I realized I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy my own house, I started painting. Room by room. As the house got happier, so did I. All the while I continued to contest. As I got happier, the prizes got better.

Last fall I met George. Falling in love really raises your vibration! (Watch Abraham-Hicks Emotional Vibrational Scale video.)

I’ve won more this year alone than I have in the past five years combined. Yes, I am entering a bit more, but I believe the prizes are arriving because I am happier than I have been in years, plus generally feel lucky about all aspects of my life.

Is my life perfect?

Heck no!

My business is still slower than I would like. I have not lost my divorce or menopause weight, yet.

All that said. I do not want you to feel ashamed if you are ‘doing everything right’ and the prizes are not appearing. You are doing nothing wrong. You must remember, there are more forces at work, including your own personal soul contract that determine what shows up. (Watch videos by Robert Ohotto for a deeper understanding.)

This is a mantra I use all the time. If I am pitching a new client, entering a new contest, or especially when I started dating again, if it is meant for me it will not pass me by. If a man ghosted me, he wasn’t meant for me. It was easy to let him go and not pine or wonder. The same goes for prizes. If I don’t win, it wasn’t meant for me. I just take action and enter the next giveaway.

Have you ever noticed a correlation between stressful times and levels of winning in your life?