I am pleased to share this guest post from Elaine Douglas-Rioux, a fellow contestor and former blogger/owner of Strictly Canadian. Its perspective of being on both sides of the table enables her to spot potential pitfalls while entering. Here is Elaine’s top holiday entering tips.

I’ve been contesting on and off for about 6 years. It’s a great hobby that can really pay off. Since I contest so much, and have a great mentor, I thought I would share some of my best contesting tips with you.

About two months before Christmas many companies start to have their holiday giveaways. This can lead to lots of contests and confusion.

TIP 1: When you see a contest on your wall, click on the photo icon to bring you to the correct post. Commenting on your friend’s shared post will NOT get you entered into a giveaway.

TIP 2: Make sure you are entering contests that you are eligible for. How do you confirm you are eligible to enter the giveaway? There are a few ways to do this if the rules do not specifically state who can enter.

  1. Go to the company page that is hosting the contest, on the right side of their profile is their information.
  2. See what their website is. Is it a .ca, a .com, a .au ? This will give you a hint of where they are located. See if they have their location listed or a map.
  3. Is the phone number somewhere you can call?
  4. If all else fails, write to the company and ask politely if their giveaway is open to your country/area. If they respond back with a no, you are ineligible to enter, I write back thanking them and asking them to please put the eligibility on their post so others will know if they can enter.
  5. Be sure to wait to tag your friends until you have heard back and know for sure they can enter too.

TIP 3: Christmas contesting can get crazy. I suggest liking every post that you enter in order to keep track of what you have entered and what you haven’t.

TIP 4: Make a list of pages you need to visit daily to enter.

TIP 5:  Do not tag people too quickly because you can end up in Facebook Jail. That is torture during the holidays because you can’t post, share or comment for 24 hours to 7 days. So go slow. Don’t like too many new pages in a day either. (There is a maximum to the number of pages you can like.) Pace yourself when tagging lots of people (waiting 30 seconds between tags) and you should be good.

TIP 6: Look at a page and see how many followers they have. If it is brand new, chances are that the great prize isn’t real. Also, scroll down the feed to see what they are posting. Does it look spammy?

TIP 7: If something feels off just don’t enter it.

Have fun! May the contests be plenty and your wins be many!