As it is the most widely advertised sweepstakes, AND it has been running for decades I consistently get asked: Do People Actually Win The PCH Sweepstakes? 

The answer is YES!


the odds are dismal.

From Wikipedia:

According to the official rules, as of 2018, the odds of winning “$7000 a Week for Life” in Giveaway are 1 in 6.2 billion. The odds of winning PCH sweepstakes vary depending on the number of entries and what prize or sweepstakes is involved. Smaller prizes have better odds that may vary from one in 223 to one in 80,000, depending on the prize.

You can also read the full sweepstakes history: You May Already Be a Winner! The Story of Publishers Clearing House

I tell entrants not to bother and instead focus on better odds sweepstakes.

And you should be aware of scammers that prey on unsuspecting entrants: Prize Patrol people from Publishers Clearing House are real. So are scammers who pretend to be them

Have you, or do you know anyone, that has ever won a PCH prize??