Winning is a feeling. It can be anything that makes you feel joyful, happy or successful.

Today I reached one milestone. I set 4 goals for myself this year:

1) get my Advanced Communicator Silver designation in Toastmasters, before fully moving over to the new Pathways program.

2) become Facebook Blueprint Certified.

3) finally launch my Idea Majesty website. You will see changes to Contest Queen too as I am revamping my entire business model as part of the process.

4) let go of all my divorce and menopause weight gain. Clearly, I joined WW as it helps to have the tools to help you become successful.

I have been taking action, even small ones, towards those goals each day.

No contest goals?! I would like to win a trip and a car, but as those are not my top priorities for 2019 I am not entering as much as I should for those items. However, the principles are the same for winning goals. You need to enter every day to win consistently.

P.S. If you are thinking of joining WW, email me as we could both get a free month.