I have moved three times since I began entering sweepstakes on a daily basis. I have mastered the art of not missing out on a prize.

To me, moving residence is even more stressful than moving your email provider because you can’t control the entire process. The best you can do is manage it and have faith you will get all your prizes, even the surprise ones.

What do I mean by manage vs control?


This step is mostly controllable. When I moved, I chose to pay for the post office’s mail forwarding service for a full year. (You may wish to choose a shorter option.) This will forward all letters to your new address. You will have to read your postal service’s guidelines regarding packages, express post, etc.

USPS: mail forwarding

CANADA POST: mail forwarding


This step is manageable. I say manageable as you cannot control other people’s actions. What I did to best manage receiving any notification or package that arrived after I moved was to leave the new occupants:

  • the manuals for all the appliances,
  • takeout menus for our favorite local restaurants,
  • a bottle of wine and a corkscrew,
  • and a welcome note, along with a request to let me know if any packages arrived for us.

As we only moved a short distance away I was able to go and pick up the few packages that were delivered. If you move too far to retrieve any missed deliveries, you could arrange for the packages to be shipped to you at your cost.

Also, courier forwarding options are not the same as the post office and you need to check to see what your options are for each:

FEDEX: forwarding

PUROLATOR: forwarding

UPS: forwarding


If you receive a release form with your old address, let the sponsor or management company know you moved between entering and being notified, then provided them with your new contact details. They understand people move and want to get you your prize. They are happy to update their records sending your win to your new home.

Have you been entering sweepstakes for a long time and moved? If so, what did you do to ensure you didn’t miss out on any prizes?