Once the stay at home orders rippled across North America I saw a massive change in sweepstakes.

It started with people who had already won prizes that disappeared before their eyes, like those who had won trips to the March Madness Finals. Tickets were issued. Hotels were booked. They couldn’t go. Sponsors and agencies were working with the winners to offer alternative prizing. Trips at a later date. Cash options.

Next came the giveaways the outright disappeared. No notice. Nothing. Just gone. Those included trips, concerts, theater and sporting event tickets, advanced movie screenings, etc. Anything that involved crowds.

Some gave notice. Transparency is something I always encourage as a marketer. It’s nice when sponsors don’t go dark but continue to engage with their audience.

Then it was the notices of prize options if the one originally planned wasn’t an option. The contest continued as planned, but added verbiage indicated if the grand prize could not be fulfilled then an alternative prize would be given. This was featured upfront versus being buried in the rules.

Sweepstakes overall are down, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of prizes to be had. I have seen a spike in Instagram giveaways as companies and influencers want to keep up engagement on their social channels. I have heard many others have ramped up their mail-ins or texting entries.


It’s also a great time to improve your hobby. What have you been struggling with? Now is the time to practice as there is always a learning curve when acquiring a new skill.


You can also hang out with me. As we are all practicing social distancing, I have started hosting online contest club meetings several times a month. Dates and times change giving everyone a chance to attend based upon various schedules.

Check out my list of monthly workshops and club meetings.

What changes have you seen?