I was just curious as to what you thought about people using their medical conditions to win sweepstakes and contests? Many times I see Twitter and FaceBook sweepstakes where the sponsor asks that you comment on the post to be eligible to win and several people will post something about how they deserve to win because (and this is no one specific, I am just jumbling together several different things I have seen) they have cancer and have to take care of their three kids all by themselves, they are disabled and just had surgery, they have a sick child, they just broke up with their boyfriend/husband, and so on. Let me be clear, I am in absolutely no way saying I do or do not believe these stories, I just don’t feel like trying to win a sweepstakes should be based on that. Everyone is going through something and we all have our trials and tribulations but we don’t all post them out for the whole world to see. I’m sure I will get a lot of hate from this if you answer publicly but as someone who has been entering for a long time and winning, I just wondered what your thoughts were.


When I first read Karen’s question, I immediately thought of the stereotype of a country song: my wife left, my dog died, my truck got reprocessed, I lost my job, etc.

Life is hard.

Karen is right. Everyone is going through something.  Especially now. I say, “Life is hard for everyone. It’s just a different hard.

On page 95 of Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game, Helene writes:

Yes! Sometimes I have collected a prize or end result in a matter of hours, but the majority of the time, there is a delayed result; that is when the majority of people get impatient and can actually nullify their goal with negative energy. Being positive in all areas is a way of life for me. Make it one for you.

I will take what Helene wrote, one step further. Being negative from the get-go will ensure you will not win, and if you do win, you will lose in another area of your life. Be like Helene and make positivity a way of life.

Misery loves company, but it won’t win you sweepstakes.

I have never understood the negative mindset. Why do people think a sob story will win them a prize? Do they think a sponsor will feel sorry for them and award them a prize?


Put yourself in the marketer’s shoes.

You are in charge of your company’s social media accounts. You host a sweepstakes as a fun way to feature your business, products or services. Then almost every entry is a sob story or a complaint, but a few are cheery, happy and supportive. How would you feel? Who would you choose?

Yes, sweepstakes are supposed to be a random draw, but marketers do check the potential winners before awarding the prizes. If all you do is complain, post negative content, etc., they will move on to the next name drawn.

The next time a sponsor says COMMENT, write something cheerful, funny or even grateful. Everyone deserves to win. Give them a reason to award YOU the prize.

Have you ever won with a sob story?