Originally reviewed on March 10th, 2008.

I just finished reading And The Lucky Winner Is… (subtitled The Complete Guide To Winning Sweepstakes and Contests) by Carolyn and Roger Tyndall with Tad Tuleja published in 1982.

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It seems some things never change. After interviewing dozens of very successful contestors and sweepstakers, some of which had been entering since the 1930s, they came up with three principles they believed to be the core actions the big winners always took:

Principle One: Enter often.

Principle Two: Follow the rules.

Principle Three: Think “win”.

It is fascinating that their three principles are the same tips I give new contestors. Good advice remains consistent.

I especially find the third principle interesting because these people were promoting the law of attraction, aka The Secret, and didn’t even know it. I say, “Half the hobby is in your head and if you do not think you will win, you won’t.” Carolyn, Roger and Tad confirm my statement and that positive thinking has been prevalent in the hobby for decades. My advice is not “New Age” thinking, but a thought process all contestors must embrace to be truly successful.

The book focuses on contests versus sweepstakes, features interviews with contestors and judging agencies (including some I interviewed for the American Edition of my book) along with having many tips and tricks, still applicable today, sprinkled throughout.

The final line of their book is almost identical to mine: REMEMBER: FOLLOW THE RULES-and have fun!

So true!

Have you read And The Lucky Winner is … ?