The foundations of winning sweepstakes, contests, giveaways, and competitions are the same worldwide. The only thing that changes is where you find winning opportunities and what you enter. Being organized, reading the rules, making friends, etc., doesn’t change, so you can use a comping planner to win anywhere.

These new books come from my Sweepstakes Soul Sister, Di Coke, better known as Super Lucky Di! Di Coke is also a sweepstakes teacher and author from the U.K. (technically, she is a competition teacher). She wrote Super Lucky Secrets in 2019; last year, she published BootComp 2023; this year, she published two new BootComp books: Comping Challenge Workbook and 2024 Comping Planner.

Last year, Di created one book, Planner and Workbook combined. As the workbook is timeless and the planner is annual, this year, she split them apart so you can separate the organizational aspects of the hobby from the technical ones.


The Workbook is split into three areas: Challenges, Goals, and Checklist. This allows you to go step-by-step, trying various ways to win and increasing your entry knowledge while tracking your progress.

Be sure to get your code word for the Boot Comp Facebook Group on page 72. Community is the priceless part of the hobby that isn’t discussed enough. In the group, you can post wins, ask questions, and learn from Di directly as she occasionally goes live!


The Planner has weekly planning pages, monthly review pages, a prize wishlist, a prize tracker, and a place to record the social handles of all your tagging buddies.

One ‘hidden’ golden nugget is the special days that are listed that could be key to finding short-run sweepstakes. For example, Monday, January 29th, is National Croissant Day, which means you should be looking for any croissant-related giveaways.


NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement. I believe in lifting each other up. One of my goals is to get to the UK and hang out with Di in person. Please send me British travel vibes.

What resources do you use for winning motivation?