Avoiding Scams

3 Tips to Avoiding Online Sweepstakes Scams

  1. Create an email address just for entering.
    You can either use an additional one from your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or a free virtual one such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.
  2. Use software to protect your computer.
    Whether you con­test or not, you MUST pro­tect your com­puter. The Inter­net Tools listed are some of the best and will pro­tect you against var­i­ous mali­cious online attacks.
  3. Go to websites that list legitimate sweepstakes, contests and giveaways to enter.There are 3 types: Hosts, Aggre­ga­tors and Giveaways.

    Sweepstakes Hosts (U.S.)
    Contest Hosts (Canada)

    Sweepstakes Aggregators (U.S.)
    Contest Aggregators (Canada)

    Sweepstakes Giveaways (U.S.)
    Contest Giveaways (Canada)

Com­pa­nies in the U.S. spent $3 BILLION run­ning pro­mo­tions in 2010. (That’s $300 MILLION in Canada!) There are enough legit­i­mate prizes avail­able for every­one to WIN!