What do you do if a prize hasn’t arrived?

The sponsor’s name is on the contest, sweepstakes, or giveaway, but more likely it is an agency hired by the sponsor that is running the contest providing all the hosting, design, advertising, management, and fulfillment.

If using the contact info provided with your original winning notification does not work, you need to dig deeper.


Read the rules. Yes, back to my #1 tip. Find the clause stating where are the prizes being drawn.


Use the address provided to conduct a quick Google search. You will know right away if the sponsor is hosting their own contest or if they hired an agency.


If it’s the sponsor themselves, contact the Marketing Department.

If it’s an agency managing the contest, contact them and ask who is the account manager for the brand/product sponsoring the giveaway.


Only if required … If it’s an agency, and they are non-responsive, contact the Marketing Department for the sponsors. They should be made aware the agency they hired isn’t doing the job they are being paid to do.


Each step of the way you are dealing with people–human beings doing the best they can every day. You have no idea what is going on in their lives. Especially now.

Be kind and considerate when reaching out. You will get a much better response asking for help resolving your problem of missing prizes than coming at them with anger or frustration.

I know this works because I usually get my problem solved quickly and occasionally have been sent bonus thank you gifts for being so patient and understanding.

In the 20+ years, I have been entering sweepstakes, it’s rare I never got the prize. I can count the number on one hand.

Have you ever had a prize go missing?